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Under the Schnettker Bridge

The Schnettker Bridge is a motorway bridge over the Emscher Valley in Dortmund. The bridge supplements the Rhineland embankment, on which the federal highway 1 runs in the west of the city area. The Schnettker Bridge is part of the section of the B1 that has been redesignated as the Federal Motorway 40. Die Schnettkerbrücke ist eine Autobahnbrücke über das Emschertal in Dortmund. Die Brücke ergänzt den Rheinlanddamm, auf dem im Westen des Stadtgebiets die Bundesstraße 1 verläuft. Die Schnettkerbrücke ist Teil des zur Bundesautobahn 40 umgewidmeten Abschnitts der B1.

In the north of Dortmund

The way to the north of the city forces the visitor to move under, not very inviting bridges, to the “other world”. As a child, my parents warned me, not to go to Nordstadt. How very wrong they were! The problems of the north city are of a political / social nature – not the people themselves !! What looks “trashy” triggers the question: Why does it look so different “up there” – than in the south? Is it because of the “better” people? The house in the last photo had been empty for decades – a speculative object of people up there – but this time from southern Germany – they had been promised lucrative investment properties! None of them lived here! There is an identical property on the other side of the street – it belongs to a housing association – looks very neat – people like to live in it. The house in the photo has meanwhile been torn down! Der Weg in den Nordteil der Stadt zwingt die/den Besucher/in dazu, sich …